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Scalars are primitive values such as Int or String.


The Boolean scalar type represents true or false.


A date-time string at UTC, such as 2007-12-03T10:15:30Z, compliant with the date-time format outlined in section 5.6 of the RFC 3339 profile of the ISO 8601 standard for representation of dates and times using the Gregorian calendar.


The Float scalar type represents signed double-precision fractional values as specified by IEEE 754.


The ID scalar type represents a unique identifier, often used to refetch an object or as key for a cache. The ID type appears in a JSON response as a String; however, it is not intended to be human-readable. When expected as an input type, any string (such as "4") or integer (such as 4) input value will be accepted as an ID.


The Int scalar type represents non-fractional signed whole numeric values. Int can represent values between -(2^31) and 2^31 - 1.


The JSON scalar type represents JSON values as specified by ECMA-404.


The String scalar type represents textual data, represented as UTF-8 character sequences. The String type is most often used by GraphQL to represent free-form human-readable text.


The Text scalar type represents large textual data, represented as UTF-8 character sequences.